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What I Love Right Now



 A week rarely goes by when there isn’t something I’m super into, but today there are enough things to fill a whole post. First up, let’s talk about my incredible new silk scarf made by tattoo artist Virginia Elwood. She just launched her line called  It’s For Me, and the first design, named The Theo, after rocker/makeup artist/entrepreneur Theo Kogan, has a gorgeous print made from an original linocut. I’m crazy about mine and have been wearing it as an “indoor scarf” under my giant winter one (and it just gets better as you wear and wash it.) I almost want another one just so I can frame it! Here are a few more things I’m loving or wanting this week.




I am all over MV Skincare  since I was turned onto it right here in Theo Kogan’s Top 5. My latest obsession is the Instant Revival, which really wakes up my tired winter skin (and smells like a bed of roses.)
I keep not pulling the trigger on the expensive Isabel Marant slides. But these do the same thing and are even a little more refined. Now if only it would stop snowing in NYC.
Everything Phyllis & Rosie makes is covetable, but right now I am especially taken with this necklace. The chain alone is pretty much perfect, and I love the richness of the gold coin-y disc. I’ve been adding a few more of my own charms to the mix too (and you can adjust the length so the charms hit at the exact right spot on your chest.


More greatness from AG: a perfect dark wash and a nice slouchy/skinny fit. 





I’ve been on the hunt for a good lip stain to only give me a little something-something without having to reapply all day. I finally found Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Cognac — sort of brown but sort of berry-like.  I just dab a little on and then it’s clear balm for the rest of the day.


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