About Us

ITS FOR ME founder Virginia Elwood is an artist living in New York City. She began tattooing in 2001 and is known for a bold and colorful style that is heavily influenced by folk, outsider art, textile design and Americana. 

ITS FOR ME was born out of humor and satire in the tattoo shop. In the late 00's there was an influx of young clientele requesting what many tattoo artists considered upside down tattoos... or tattoos oriented so that the image faces the wearer as opposed to the viewer. When these clients were asked why, the response was always “because, it’s for me.”  

Virginia interpreted the inherent redundancy of "it's for me", as a reflection of our unconscious need to reclaim a sense of space and ownership in an overly publicized world. The phrase "its for me" (written upside down of course!) became a signature for Virginia, appearing in her paintings, lino cuts, ceramics and textile designs as a way to hold onto a piece of tattoo culture as she began to explore other art forms. 

ITS FOR ME NYC is a culmination of humor, self awareness and creativity. We seek to promote and encourage curiosity, the freedom of play, and the spirit of collaboration. Our scarves, bags and patches each have origin stories, and we hope that you'll make ITS FOR ME part of yours. 



 The Theo Scarf was named for musician/actress/model/lipgloss mogal/mom/badass Theo Kogan. The crew at ITS FOR ME have been fans of Theo's since her days as front woman for the iconic and influential band Lunachicks. Theo is unapologetically herself, in a sophisticated way that can only come from hard work and introspection. The founder and Chief Beauty Officer of Armour Beauty continues to blow our minds by embodying the spirit of ITS FOR ME in everything she does, and we are so happy to have her as our ambassador! 




Kyle Gamache is part of the brains and looks behind the ITS FOR ME operation. The grim reaper tote bag was aptly named for Kyle because she manages to be a handful of contradictions wrapped up in an elegant and timeless package. She is tough, but sweet. She is dark, but bright. Brilliant and focused, but still your best chill-out pal. 

Kyle is keeping super busy these days overseeing operations at Saved Tattoo and ITS FOR ME NYC, in addition to completing her Masters Degree in Literature and being an incredible mama to lucky dog Guinness. 


Dani Jedda

Dani Jedda is the Chief Fabric Officer and Production Maven at ITS FOR ME NYC and also the namesake of the Dani Tote. The founder of Fantastic Fabrics has been with ITS FOR ME from the beginning and we have her to thank for our beautiful and meticulously sourced silk. Dani's knowledge and direction has been invaluable to us! 


Todd Weinberger

Todd Weinberger has no accessories named after him... yet. But he has been vital to ITS FOR ME's conception and development as a business. Todd keeps it real, he has a background in package design and a brain that was built for connecting people and ideas. Maybe we need to make an ITS FOR ME Todd Pocket Square?