None of our ITS FOR ME NYC products were built from necessity as it’s usually defined. Who really needs a silk scarf or another tote bag? But at ITS FOR ME we consider making a positive mark and taking up space thoughtfully to be absolutely necessary to growth. That’s why each of our products tells a story.



When ITS FOR ME founder Virginia Elwood was young, her mother lost her hair during cancer treatment. An artistic, eccentric and strong-willed lady, Donna Elwood was not content to accept a wig as her only cover up option and began donning silk scarves as a comfortable and creative alternative.

 One of Virginia’s early memories is of gifting her mom scarves bought with saved up babysitting money. Virginia now realizes that of course these “silk” scarves must have been synthetic (babysitting was not very lucrative in the early 90’s), but the gesture has played a role in her lifelong obsession with textiles.

 The rich patterns, colors and designs of the scarves made a lasting impact on Virginia artistically and have allowed her to reconnect with her mothers’ memory. That connection inspired her to create a line of 100% silk ITS FOR ME scarves.


 Totes and Patches 

The first round of ITS FOR ME tote bags were created in 2010 from liquid acrylic paintings done by Virginia. There were her first steps in exploring ITS FOR ME as a wearable and share-able mantra. Many of the early designs featured prominent placement of the upside down phrase “it’s for me”, along with fantastical creatures who came to life from Virginia’s interpretation of tattoo iconography, mythological beasts and the scary things that go bump in the night.

 The current Dani and Kyle tote bags are printed from linoleum block cuts, which has been one of Virginia’s favorite modes of expression lately. The sparseness and constraints of the medium are reminiscent of tattooing, in that you only get one shot and a limited amount of detail and range to convey your image.

 Smokey, Free Range and Snake Eye are all characters based loosely from a series of dark nursery rhymes written by Virginia in 2012. Before becoming ITS FOR ME patches, they were hand painted ceramics meant to be distributed and posted anonymously throughout New York City… But being unprotected public art is a tough existence, and these guys are living the high life now, loving the views from your leather jackets and backpacks.